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Line of Product

Data Communication Routers & Switches:

Network department offers a reliable, scalable data communication network infra structure, through the flexible multiple layer design i.e.( Core, distributer & Access Layers).

Design, implement & maintain network infra structure to deliver a quality of IP-Based services , due to the high demand today of the IP Based network infrastructure i.e.(IP CCTV, IP Access Control, IP TV, IP Public Address, IP Telephony & etc…)

Voice Communication:

Technology of communication today is one of the major factor in any business success , because the need of the information to any business operation and strategy. Unified communication messaging is one of the state-of- the art technology , which make your business connected any time any where.

Offering (text, voice & Video Data) to be delivered to you regardless where you are, by enjoying the converged IP Based network infra structure.

IT Security (Unified Threat Management):

Due to the dramatically demand and expand of the IP Network devices and infrastructure, and due to the multiple remote access users. We design, implement and maintain your business in different layer of security and different zones. unified threat manage deliver the following services:

1- Firewall.

2- Anti Virus.

3- Anti Spam.

4- Intrusion prevention System.


6-Web Content Management.

7- Band width management.

Indoor & Outdoor wireless :

Wireless solutions is the ideal solution for mobile users which will reflect directly on their productivity and capabilities.

We offer Outdoor Point-to-point, Outdoor point-to-multi point & indoor Wi-Fi coverage with the required levels of quality of services for data files, voice & Video Data.

Servers, Blade Servers & Storage :

Customer data protections & business continuity one of our targets, That is why we deliver a customized reliable Standalone, Blades, SAN, NAS, backup & Data recovery solutions.

Integrated Property security systems :

Blue Solutions Co. provides a 24h monitoring and control facilities to all security devices (i.e. CCTV, Access control, intrusion detection, asset tracking monitoring, etc…).

Through state of art system solutions offering unique integration capabilities on one platform of the previous security parameters for effective centralized management control.

Interactive & IPTV Systems :

Blue Solutions Co. provides an IPTV of free to air channel and pay TV through unified structure cabling system. IPTV system allow us to add more Visual application i.e.(Digital signage).

Software Development :

Platform - Windows, Linux

Server Technology - Apache, IIS, Zope

Database – MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle

Server-Side Script - PHP,

Business Logic - .Net, PHP

Client-Side Script - XML, WML